The best water activities in Marbella, Malaga

What water activities to do on the Costa del Sol in Malaga.

The beaches of Marbella are located in the famous and prestigious area on the Costa del Sol. In this beautiful area you can enjoy sports such as tennis and padel, hiking, mountain biking or the king sport on the Costa del Sol, golf. But when the sun comes out, water takes centre stage and the Costa del Sol, especially Marbella, is a real paradise for water sports lovers. At La Ciutadella Marbella we’d like to tell you about all the water sports you can do

Jet ski rental in Marbella

Renting a jet ski is usually one of the most fun and exciting activities to do in Marbella. At La Ciudadela Marbella we recommend it on sunny days with good weather as one of the most advisable sports if you like adrenaline and want to have fun.

Parasailing in Marbella

For the more daring, an experience of flying more than 70 meters high and feeling free while being safely pulled by a boat. We assure you that you'll enjoy a real sense of peace and tranquillity taking in the beautiful views during this unforgettable experience. You'll be one of the privileged few who can say they've enjoyed the Marbella coastline from another perspective.

Scuba Diving in Marbella

A good opportunity to discover the deepest part of Marbella is to get to know its rich, varied and, above all, incredibly beautiful seabed. In Marbella you can see a lot of peculiar marine life and even some sunken ships at the bottom of the sea. The Marbella area is perfect for both beginners and more advanced divers as it has shallow waters for beginners and a range of deep-diving activities for the more advanced.

Flyboarding in Marbella

Flyboarding is an exciting experience where you can fly above the sea. It's known for being a very instinctive activity and you'll be surprising yourself in no time performing pirouettes and other tricks.

Boat trips in Marbella

We’d like to recommend this activity for those who are looking for relaxation and tranquillity. At La Ciudadela Marbella we have our Bespoke department, in charge of organising all the tailor-made activities so that you can enjoy a dream holiday. We can organise a trip on any type of boat or sailing boat to make your outing unforgettable. During the trip you’ll have the opportunity to take a dip in crystal clear waters, and with a bit of luck see dolphins in their natural habitat.

Kitesurfing and Wakeboarding in Marbella

Fancy flying over the waves and feeling the adrenaline rushing through your veins at sea speed? Kitesurfing is an activity that enables you to surf with a kite and glide over the sea to the sound of the wind. We also recommend wakeboarding, another type of water sport that consists of gliding on a board while being propelled by a boat.

Kayak tours in Marbella

Kayaking is an activity for all those who want to spend some quiet time while gliding through the waves. The bonus of kayaking in Marbella is that you’ll have the opportunity to choose between kayaking in the sea or in some of the fantastic lakes or rivers that are found in the area.

Whale and dolphin watching in Marbella

One of the great and wonderful experiences we at La Ciudadela Marbella can assure you you're bound to enjoy is sea creature watching, more specifically dolphins, pilot whales and killer whales. In the Alboran Sea there's a fabulous marine sanctuary so you'll have an incredible day.

Hotel Maison Ardois in Marbella

One of our Maison Ardois hotels in Marbella is located at just a 10-minute walk from Venus beach, where you can try a variety of water activities on the Costa del Sol in Marbella.
Maison ardois