Starlite Marbella: The biggest festival of the summer

The biggest stars of music from around the world will gather in Marbella during the summer of 2022. In a natural setting like no other in the world, the most popular artists today will be part of the Starlite Marbella 2022 Festival line-up. All kinds of music genres will come together from 22nd of June to 3rd September in one of the most famous festivals in Europe. The best of Latin, electronic, rock and pop music will share the stage with the most internationally renowned Spanish artists. From Plácido Domingo to "El Puma" and from Camilo to Pablo Alborán, artists will entertain the people of Marbella and visitors from all over the world. With a unique line-up, you will be able to enjoy the best of today's musical world. Starlite has chosen Marbella Auditorium as one of the most privileged places on the planet to hold its fantastic concerts. The magnificent stage with one of the best acoustics in the world offers an idyllic setting for music and performances. The gigantic rock wall that surrounds the stage offers a perfect setting for the most dynamic and exciting nights of summer 2022. In addition, the enormous technological and logistical display of Starlite will offer attendees a unique experience unlike any other in the world. At La Ciudadela Marbella Hotels and Restaurants Group we welcome you to enjoy an unforgettable musical season in a magical and idyllic city. Staying in Marbella’s old town and enjoying the magnificent services of our hotels and restaurants will allow you to experience the festival from a unique perspective. The line-up of the biggest European summer music festival in 2022 is probably the biggest gathering of stars in the whole world. Let’s take a look at some of the most long-awaited concerts of the Starlite Festival 2022.  

Marbella to be star-studded in 2022

As never before in the history of music, the Starlite Festival has managed to bring together all music genres on the same stage. Internationally renowned artists will come together with the most important Spanish artists in the world in a magical and unique setting. In a natural amphitheatre, the 60-meter-high rock walls provide the perfect setting to engage the senses. Nowhere else on the planet can you enjoy an open-air space with perfect acoustics and in such special proximity to the artists. In addition to this idyllic setting, the festival is well organised with a fantastic security and logistical support. What's more, all concerts will feature the most innovative technologies for monitoring attendance, sound and light shows. Each artist will bring their own additions to the festival with one of the biggest shows of dancing, lights, fireworks and special surprises. You'll also be able to enjoy the majesty of the most outstanding lyrical artists and musicians who will make us sing and dance to our hearts' content. These are just some of the artists who have confirmed that they will be performing at the Starlite Marbella 2022 Festival:

July Line-up

July kicks off from day one with a series of unique and energetic concerts. The artists performing this month will be:
  • 1/07: Vanessa Martín (and again on 02/08) y Zzoilo
  • 2/07: Pica Pica
  • 4/07: Ozuna (and again on 26/7)
  • 5/07: Chucho Valdés y amigos
  • 6/07: Diana Ross
  • 8/07: Il Divo
  • 9/07: Pablo Alborán
  • 11/07: Placido Domingo, Marta Sánchez y Ainhoa Arteta
  • 12/07: C. Tangana (and again on 1 / 8)
  • 14/07: Mike Towers
  • 15/07: Carlos Vives
  • 16/07: Juanes
  • 18/07: Carlos Baute y Chenoa
  • 19/07: Nile Rodgers & Chic
  • 20/07: Maluma
  • 21/07: Nicky Jam
  • 22/07: Jessie J
  • 23/07: Serrat
  • 25/07: Christina Aguilera
  • 27/07: Andrés Calamaro
  • 28/07: Ana Torroja
  • 29/07: Simple Minds
  • 30/07: Diana Krall
  • 31/07: Camilo (and again on 2/8)

August Line-up

August is full of surprises, with the return of Spain's favourites to the stage and an exciting line-up. These are the artists who will be performing in Marbella:

  • 3/08: Malú
  • 4/08: Passenger
  • 5/08: Dvicio & Marlon
  • 6/08: Gloria Trevi y Mónica Naranjo
  • 7/08: Taburete
  • 8/08: Morat (again on 30/08)
  • 9/08: Hombres G
  • 10/08: Raphael
  • 11/08: Estrella Morente, Israel Fernández y Kiki Morente
  • 12/08: Diego Torres
  • 13/08: Jorge Drexler y Coque Malla
  • 15/08: Andrea Bocelli
  • 16/08: Sara Baras
  • 17/08: Leiva
  • 18/08: Antonio José
  • 19/08: Farruquito y Arcangel
  • 20/08: Carlos Rivera
  • 21/08: Café Quijano
  • 22/08: Luis Fonsi
  • 23 y 24/08: Dani Martín
  • 26/08: Siempre Así
  • 27/08: Miguel Poveda
  • 31/08: Ara Malikian

September Line-up

The closing of the festival will not slow down its pace, bringing us some amazing star talent. Check it out:
  • 1/09: Bertín Osbourne y José Luís Rodríguez “El Puma”
  • 2/09: El Dúo Dinámico
  • 3/09: Estopa

Enjoy Starlite Marbella at La Ciudadela

Staying in the heart of Marbella’s old town and returning after a concert to the most comfortable room in the city is a great pleasure. In La Ciudadela Marbella Group hotels, you can enjoy the most exclusive services of the city during the Festival. Our hotel rooftops are decked out to offer you a unique experience in preparation for an unforgettable night. In addition, our restaurants Thaissence and A Fuego have created a unique menu for an extraordinary evening of concerts. Additionally, guests will be able to enjoy a range of special services such as a private transfer to the Marbella Auditorium and to the events within the framework of the Starlite 2022 Festival. Take in the best views of Marbella, in a peaceful oasis in the old town, with the most exquisite cuisine and the best service in town. We are waiting for you this summer of 2022 to join us for a festival that will have a lasting impact on world history.